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  1. Space solves: A water-stained granite top and a bathroom downlighter that won’t stay put

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    “We have a black, shiny, granite kitchen worktop, and the area around the sink is water-marked. What will remove the limescale? QUEAN CLEAN Granite Stain Remover removes water marks, soapy scum, limescale and many other stains from granite, marble, Corian, quartz, Silestone surfaces and more. Quickleen is non-toxic but very powerful and versatile. It’s one of my favourites.”

    The Guardian
  2. How to clean rust spots and grime off Stainless Steel

    The Guardian:

    I have a stainless-steel fridge that is beginning to get rust spots. It also has streaks of ingrained grime that are impossible to get off – I have tried several stainless-steel cleaners but none of them seems to work.

    Our cleaning expert, Stephanie Zia says, ‘One of the best ways to remove rust marks is simply to make a paste of cream of tartar (from the baking section of supermarkets) and lemon juice, aplly, leave for an hour or so, then rub off. Repeat i necessary. You could also use lighter fuel but, because it’s highly flammable, use with caution. Apply with a paper towel rather than with a cloth.

    ‘Alternatively, the best commercial stainless-steel cleaner I’ve come across is QUEAN CLEAN Quickleen, a nontoxic cleaner that you can use all around the home, both inside and out. Phosphorous-free, odouless and food-safe, it removes rust and a variety of stubborn stains. Apply with a wet cloth, rub away the stains and wipe dry immediately.’

  3. QUEAN CLEAN “The complete metal cleaning system”

    From deep cleaning to day to day polishing, every chippy owner will have a regime or system they swear by. Some insist that counter vinegar is the best way to clean the display glass to leave a smear free finish and some prefer using domestic products but buy them in bulk. When it comes to stainless steel however, there’s never really been anything that can give an operator that ” showroom” pristine look before… Until now!

    The QUEAN CLEAN complete metal cleaning system is awesome. It combines two rather special products – a powder compound that cleans and restores stainless steel, cuts through grease, sanitises, kills mould, mildew, bacteria and pathogens and an aerosol spray polish returns stainless steel to a perfect smear free factory finish. When combined, the results can be incredible – literally reversing years of discolouration and build up in the hot zones where oil can literally bake on in just one treatment.

    Stephen Tombs of QUEAN CLEAN picks up the story.. “Before we introduce any of our products to any new market we pride ourselves on testing them in real life situations, ChippyChat chose two Award winning chip shops where cleaning standards were already very high and the operators were literally blown away by the results.”

    Pete’s Chippery – Nuneaton

    “After speaking to Neil the shop manager, we agreed to undertake a deep clean exercise on Sunday morning before he opened for trade that day.

    We arrived at 10am and unloaded our products as Neil dismantled parts of his range ready for cleaning. We wet our cleaning cloths and applied the powder so we could remove the surface up of oil. A little elbow grease is required to move the initial layer but as you can see in the pictures, the results were amazing. The surface was then dried and our conditioning spray was applied giving a fantastic sparkle and more importantly the protective barrier that is required to deflect the day to day splashes which can then be easily removed.

    Neil expressed his gratitude and agreed the range was a good as new and said “even professional deep clean companies he had used before could not deliver such a finish and they charged hundreds of pounds for this service.”

    Petrou Brothers – Chatteris

    One half of the famous frying duo, Mark Petrou tested QUEAN CLEAN at his award winning site in West Park street for over a month and added “I was really impressed with how easy it was to make my display heaters look like new again, I thought that the only way they could be cleaned was either with a chisel, a powerful chemical or by paying expensive specialists. Not only were the QUEAN CLEAN instructions easy to follow, the end results were really pleasing too. The aerosol spray is one of those products that you love to use because of it’s instant results. It makes all your stainless steel look pristine!”

    The QUEAN CLEAN system is manufactured in the UK and is not available yet in all the usual fish and chip trade suppliers.

  4. New Site Launch!

    QUEAN CLEAN are proud to launch this new website to improve your online shopping experience.