How to clean rust spots and grime off Stainless Steel

The Guardian:

I have a stainless-steel fridge that is beginning to get rust spots. It also has streaks of ingrained grime that are impossible to get off – I have tried several stainless-steel cleaners but none of them seems to work.

Our cleaning expert, Stephanie Zia says, ‘One of the best ways to remove rust marks is simply to make a paste of cream of tartar (from the baking section of supermarkets) and lemon juice, aplly, leave for an hour or so, then rub off. Repeat i necessary. You could also use lighter fuel but, because it’s highly flammable, use with caution. Apply with a paper towel rather than with a cloth.

‘Alternatively, the best commercial stainless-steel cleaner I’ve come across is¬†QUEAN CLEAN Quickleen, a nontoxic cleaner that you can use all around the home, both inside and out. Phosphorous-free, odouless and food-safe, it removes rust and a variety of stubborn stains. Apply with a wet cloth, rub away the stains and wipe dry immediately.’