QUEAN CLEAN Quartz Maintenance Kit



  • Quean Clean Quartz Treatment
  • Quean Clean Worktop Clean
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Worktop Cleaner

Worktop cleaner is a totally safe everyday cleaner used to deep clean and prepare your kitchen work-top surfaces for polishing. Apply the cleaner using the trigger, leave to dissolve food contamination such as chicken, meat, cheese, milk, tea stains etc.

The cleaner kills 99.9% of known bacteria on contact including MRSA removing the risk of food poisoning and upset stomachs.

No mixing powder, wax or paste. One of UK’s best selling worktop cleaners recommended by leading Granite suppliers.

Quartz Treatment

Quartz Treatment is an excellent formulated cleaner & polish that will bring your surfaces back to life and lustre restoring that factory finished look. Even if your work-top has a flat finish, the polish will give it just the right lift and life putting back that reflection.

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