About Us

Quean Clean is a family of amazing people striving to develop cleaning products that work

Quean Clean provides a variety of specialist cleaning products to the commercial and domestic markets. In order to preserve stone, steel, glass and composite surfaces, we have produced a range of cleaning products that work.

‘It all began when I owned a kitchen design business, I would create beautiful spaces for individuals who really cared about interior design in terms of aesthetics and functionality. I can’t count the number of times I was asked to recommend a product to clean stainless steel – and when you’ve invested in quality material, you want to keep it looking its best! I could not find a single product that I would confidently endorse, so what could I do to help people keep their kitchens looking their best? Create a cleaning product myself!’

–    Stephen Tombs. Quean Clean’s founder

And that’s how stainlesssteelcleaner.co.uk was born!



Another frequent question was how to clean and protect a granite worktop? Stephen then searched to find a product to solve stains on Granite worktops but, again, he couldn’t find one that worked. As a result, he created his own and along came granitepolish.co.uk. After the success of these two products, Stephen set about finding a multi-purpose cleaning product. The focus was on removing stains from metal and stone surfaces.

He discovered a powder that can clean almost any surface. Quickleen is food-safe and non-toxic. The powder can remove baked-on grease without smearing it around. Rust, watermarks and corrosion on stainless steel can be easily removed. It’s wipe-on, wipe-off action can clean stainless steel scratches and stains with very little effort.

Adding quickleen.co.uk to the range, Stephen decided to bring all of these products within one brand, Quean Clean. In 2021 Quickleen was reformulated and became Powder Pro by Quean Clean. Now our maintenance kits care and protect Granite worktops, Quartz worktops and Corian worktops. We’ve also developed products for surface types such as Limestone and solid surfaces like Silestone, not to mention products to maintain Stainless Steel appliances in domestic and catering kitchens. Quean Clean products are now used daily throughout the UK and Europe.

We’re proud to be the recommended cleaning product for the 1810 company, the UK’s leading supplier of stainless steel sinks.

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