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I have stainless steel appliances and I wish I’d never bought them, there are smudges and streaks, is your Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish as good as it says on the website?

Yes, it works! It will clean your appliances streak free and also protect from fingerprints and smudges. This will condition your stainless steel keeping it in tip top condition.

Is your stain removing powder safe to use on my chrome taps and will it remove limescale build up?

Yes, the stain removing powder is probably the best product on the market for removing limescale from any surface.

I have rust spots on my stainless steel sink, which product is best for this?

Stain removing powder will remove these, no problem!

How can I remove the burn marks off my cooking pans?

Stain removing powder will remove burn marks and discolouration to all cookware, hobs etc.

I have spilled some cleaner or left something sitting on my granite/quartz/corian worktop and it’s left a mark, have you anything that I can use to clean/restore this?

Firstly you need to establish whether this is a surface stain or whether it has penetrated into the surface. To do this, run your finger over the surface – does it feel smooth or rough?

If it’s a surface stain our stain removing powder will remove it. Then use the worktop cleaner and the polish to restore and maintain the shine and protect it in future. The polish creates a membrane that prevents spillages from penetrating the surface. You will need to apply this on a weekly basis as every time you wipe down the surface you will remove some of the polish.

If it’s watermarks, or limescale staining, our stain removing powder will remove this. This is a soft powder that will remove surface stains or marks without harming the granite surface.

I was told that your stain removing powder works very well on wall tiles and grout joints, is this the case?

Yes, it works very well on ceramic and natural stone tiles, cleaning the face of the tile and the grout joints. It is also used for removing the transient wax coating that protects the face of some types of tiles.

We’ve used drain unblocker/ limescale remover/ Cillit Bang etc and it’s stained our stainless steel sink, will we be able to get this off?

The best product we would recommend is our stain removing powder.

Do you have a polish for my granite /marble floor?

No, you should not use a polish on floors as it makes them slippery. To clean the floor, use our Stone Floor Cleaner but we would not recommend the use of polish. If you wish to maintain the shine, you’ll need to use a buffer machine.

Can I use the Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish on food prep areas?

Yes this product is safe for use on food preparation areas. Always wipe off surplus residue as you do not want this to taint the food.

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