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QUEAN CLEAN “The complete metal cleaning system”

From deep cleaning to day to day polishing, every chippy owner will have a regime or system they swear by. Some insist that counter vinegar is the best way to clean the display glass to leave a smear free finish and some prefer using domestic products but buy them in bulk. When it comes to stainless

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Using Sprays & Aerosols to Clean Stainless Steel instead of Pastes

Cleaning stainless steel with pastes can cause scratches in the stainless steel due to the abrasive methods used to clean the steel. Overtime, this will remove the chromium film on the stainless steel which prevents rust. Chromium improves the corrosion resistance by forming a chromium oxide film, a very thin layer on the steel, so

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New Site Launch!

QUEAN CLEAN are proud to launch this new website to improve your online shopping experience.

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