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The Hidden Cost Behind Cheap Cleaning Products

Everyone likes to find themselves a good bargain, however, if you use cheap cleaning products you may actually end up paying a higher price in other ways. The face value of our products may be higher than some others that you see in the shops, but there’s good reasoning for this and we are sure that choosing our products will leave you better off overall!

The Damage That Cheap Cleaning Products Can Cause

If you are familiar with our brand, you are probably already aware that as well as our multipurpose cleaner we have formulated specialised products for the most luxurious materials on the market, including Granite, Quartz, Stainless Steel and more. Cleaning and treating these types of surfaces with the right products is going to keep them looking their best.

Unfortunately, many budget cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and bleach, which can do serious damage to your quality worktops. Even supposed ‘multi-surface’ cleaners contain these potentially ruinous ingredients! If you currently have any of these in your home, you may wish to check what yours contain as you may be in for a nasty surprise!

It’s not only that, with these cheap cleaning products, you won’t get the fantastic results that you will with ours, but they can actually stain and damage your fixtures and fittings. We have had many customers come to us for advice about how to undo the damage that these low-quality products have done to their homes.

If you have invested in finishing your home to a high standard, we implore you to use cleaning products that can do the job properly and without causing damage! 

Why Choose Quean Clean?

Hopefully, you agree that using budget cleaning products on quality materials is a risk that you should never take, but why should you choose our range instead?

Variety – Our founder, Stephen Tombs, created this company because these products were so difficult to find on the market. Our online shop offers a selection that you simply will not find anywhere else! 

Eco-friendly – It’s not only your fixtures and fittings that will be damaged by cheap cleaning products, they can also be bad for the environment. We are very proud that our best-selling Powder Pro is 100% biodegradable! (You can see this miracle product in action here.)

Safe – As well as keeping your worktops free from harm, our range is safe for your family, too! All of our products are food safe and non-toxic.

Protective Coating – One incredible feature of our products is that they actually leave a protective coating on your surfaces. This gives you a brilliant, streak-free finish, prevents staining and actually makes it easier to clean next time!

Reviews – Watch the video reviews on our YouTube channel to discover why so many people choose Quean Clean!

Swap Your Cheap Cleaning Products For Our Quality Options

Now that you know the true cost of choosing cheap cleaning products, are you ready to invest in quality?! You can find our full range here. We offer a number of maintenance kits as well, which include two free Micro Fibre Cloths. These are excellent for all kinds of cleaning and they actually attract dust! They are also highly durable and machine washable, meaning that they will last through hundreds of cleaning jobs!

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 02476 645971.

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