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A Cleaning Product Horror Story!

A Cleaning Product Horror Story!

Finding the perfect cleaning product for a specific surface can be tricky and sometimes, using the wrong one can have truly scary results! As spooky season is upon us, we thought we’d get into the Halloween spirit with a haunting tale! Don’t worry, nervous readers, with our help, this incident had a fairytale ending! 

The Burn Marks And The Le Creuset

The first cold night of autumn was upon us, the evening’s golden palette, just grasping the last of the summer sun, but you could feel the tips of Jack Frost’s fingers creeping towards you. Walking home, I went by a shop, its windows bursting with colour, displaying an incredible array of seasonal produce. ‘A hearty winter stew!’ I thought to myself, ‘that’s just the thing to warm me up!’

Arriving home, my shopping bag full of goodies, I set about creating my meal. In no time I had everything washed, peeled and chopped. Now, to get it cooking in my pride and joy, a beautiful Le Creuset casserole dish. In went my ingredients and I brought it to a slow, rolling boil. ‘Perfect!’ I exhaled. ‘Now for a nice hot bath whilst that cooks away.’

Unbeknownst to me, that’s when the disaster occurred. As I walked away, my coat caught the dial on the hob, pulling it to ‘high’…

I got out of the bath quite a while later, opening the door with the expectation of the beautiful smell of fresh meat and vegetables. But instead, I was hit by the cruel scent of burning. Rushing to the kitchen, I saw the disaster. My stew had boiled over, staining the hob with evil, blackened drips, staining my beautiful dish. When I tipped away the contents the bottom was thick with harsh, burned remnants of my once hopeful meal.

‘How on earth could this possible happen?!’ I screamed. ‘There is no cleaning product strong, yet gentle enough to save my love.’ I muttered, still halfheartedly examining my cleaning supplies. That’s when I saw it, right at the back, Quean Clean Stain Removing Powder.

I didn’t dare believe the results it promised, I applied this easy-to-use cleaning product and in no time, my casserole dish was returned to its original beauty!

Selecting The Right Cleaning Product

As you can see, selecting the right cleaning product can be a real lifesaver! Well, not literally, but it can save your pots, pans, sinks and numerous other items and surfaces in your home.

Here at Quean Clean, we have worked hard over the years to create a specialist cleaning product collection, which is safe and effective, and we believe that we have succeeded! We are delighted that so many of our customers agree with this – you can watch their video reviews on our YouTube channel.

If you head over to our online shop, you can find the right cleaning product quickly and easily thanks to our detailed descriptions, including which surfaces they can be used on and directions for use. Of course, if you have a question or query about a specific item you can always call our friendly team on 02476 645971 or fill out a contact form online.

Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest for any news or updates! We would also be very grateful to any customers who could take the time to submit a review.

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