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How to Clean Tile Grout

How to clean tile grout is one of the most common questions we are asked here at Quean Clean.

Whether it’s floor tiles or wall tiles that are dirty with grease, soap scum, mould, or plain dirt, cleaning grout requires two things: a grout brush and a suitable cleaner. A grout brush is a small, stiff-bristle nylon brush, available in handheld and long-handled sizes. As for the cleaner, Quickleen Deep Clean Powder and stain remover is the best performer for your tile.

How Often Should You Clean Tile Grout

You should clean the tile grout whenever it becomes dirty or discoloured with mould and mildew. Tut the frequency will depend on where the tiles are located and how much the surface is used.
Decorative wall tile surfaces need this only every now and again. While tiled shower walls subject to lots of moisture and humid conditions might need it weekly. The best rule of thumb: Scrub the tile grout whenever it is showing discolouration or dirt.

Top Tip

Take some quickleen deep clean powder and on a damp cloth and rub along the grout line. Use a grout brush to massage the powdery paste into the grout. Rinse off and wipe with a clean dry microfibre cloth. If your shower screen needs some love too, remove the soap scum with quickleen deep clean powder and the finish with Quean Clean Gloss & Glass Cleaner.

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