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Our Autumn Cleaning Tips

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning but what about autumn cleaning? After all, who doesn’t want a welcoming, clean home as the seasons change? As temperatures drop and our homes get cosier, it’s the perfect time for a cleaning spree. With windows closed and heating on, it’s an environment ripe for hidden dirt, germs and allergens. Quean Clean are here to talk you through what you should target this season and to suggest some products that might come in handy.

Our Autumn Cleaning Tips

        1. Wash Your Windows

Rainwater doesn’t quite do the same job that a bit of elbow grease will, which means you shouldn’t skip washing your windows this autumn. You might notice your windows looking a bit worse for wear when it rains, which is because the dirt that’s already on there is causing streaks, so cleaning them in the next few weeks will be sure to help.

        2. Declutter Your Kitchen And Wipe Down Surfaces

Autumn cleaning ensures your home feels fresh and spacious, however, we’re all guilty of holding onto things we no longer need… especially in the kitchen. There’s no need to keep chipped plates, old appliances or things you’ve not touched since buying them. Once you’ve disposed of them safely or passed them on to a friend, you can clear your worktops and give them a good clean. Our Worktop Cleaner tackles 99.9% of bacteria and can be used on anything from Granite and Marble to Corian and Quartz and will leave your kitchen looking spotless! We also offer dedicated products for cleaning Corian if you’d prefer to use a more targeted product for your autumn cleaning endeavours.

        3. Clean Bedding, Curtains And Upholstery

Combat dirt and whatever is lurking in your furnishings by giving them a thorough clean. Consider using a steam cleaner to kill germs and bacteria without harsh chemicals. Don’t forget to give your curtains and upholstery the same treatment for a deep clean.

As we snuggle into warmer blankets and potentially dig out some heavier curtains, it’s essential to ensure they’re fresh and clean. A good wash or steam clean will not only remove dirt but also refresh the fabric, leaving your space feeling clean, cosy and inviting. Larger items like sofas might take a bit more effort but it’ll be worth it!

        4. Clean Behind, Under And On Top Of Furniture

Don’t forget about those hidden spots that the hoover doesn’t always make it to! Take this opportunity to move your furniture and clean the often-neglected areas. A dust-free environment means a healthier, cleaner home. For delicate, dusty surfaces, a microfibre cloth is the perfect solution. We would say this is easily one of the most rewarding parts of any autumn cleaning routine.

        5. Remove Muddy Foot and Paw Prints

Autumn’s beauty often comes with muddy footprints, whether they’re from pets, kids or you! Dealing with muddy footprints is an inevitable part of this time of year, the trick is to be proactive. Act fast to keep hard floors pristine with a trusty steam mop. For carpets, let the mud dry before tackling it with a bit of Powder Pro. For stone floors, which may need a bit more attention, we suggest opting for our Stone Floor Cleaner.

That’s It For Autumn Cleaning!

Autumn cleaning isn’t just about tidying up – it’s about creating a warm, inviting space where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the season. When you’re done, you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down with a drink of whatever you fancy as you admire everything you love most about autumn.

If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned here, you can contact us here or call our team on 02476 645971. Don’t forget to take a look at our YouTube channel before you start cleaning! You can learn more tips and tricks by following us on Pinterest too!

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