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Are You Looking For A Quality BBQ Cleaner?

We’ve enjoyed the first few sunny days of the year and for many of us, that means that we have pulled out (or at least thought about pulling out) our BBQs! Unfortunately, after a long winter, your grill may not look its best and the thought of giving it a good old scrub might be putting you off firing it up. Wait, don’t let that ruin your plans! Our Powder Pro Multi-Surface Cleaning Powder & Stain Remover is just what you need. This quality BBQ cleaner will have your grill looking its best, with minimal effort on your part.

About This BBQ Cleaner

Our Powder Pro Multi-Surface Cleaner removes grease, grime, baked-on food and more – all whilst being food-safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and killing 99.9% of germs. 

The formula is 95% natural silica and 5% synthesised materials derived from natural ingredients used in the manufacture of food additives. It works by penetrating fats, grease and dirt, allowing the natural silica to absorb the lifted fats and oils, locking it onto the cloth you’re using, thus preventing smearing. This formula is what really sets Powder Pro apart from other multi-purpose cleaners on the market. The majority of other brands use bleach and harsh chemicals, and whilst these things can get rid of dirt and grime, they are also known to stain and damage materials.

That’s not all! As well as doing an exceptional cleaning job, making usually tricky tasks a breeze for you, Powder Pro also leaves a protective coating behind. This coating can prevent future staining and damage, and makes cleaning even easier the next time around! This is why it is, among other things, an excellent BBQ cleaner.

Is Your BBQ Stainless Steel?

Many of us with a real passion for BBQing invest in stainless steel models, these work fantastically well for both private and commercial use. The only problem with them is that they are particularly liable to show any grease, dirt and grime. However, with the right cleaning products they can look fantastic!

To get a stainless steel BBQ shining, we would recommend first using Powder Pro and then following it with our Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. This will give you a fantastic streak-free shine faster than any other product on the market.

If you opt for our Stainless Steel Deep Clean Care Kit you can get both of these excellent cleaning products with two FREE microfibre cloths!

Get Your BBQ Cleaner Than Ever

Using our safe and effective products will leave your BBQ as clean as the day you purchased it. Of course, Powder Pro isn’t just a BBQ cleaner, it can also be used to clean copper, brass, silver, aluminium, ceramic tiles and more. It is even effective on carpets! 

If your property includes quality worktops such as granite, quartz or corian, you should visit our online shop to browse our full range of specialist cleaning products. Each product page includes directions for use and reviews from previous customers – we’d love to hear what you think next.

You can also find video reviews and see Powder Pro in action on our YouTube channel.

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