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How To Clean Up Your Christmas Mess

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or at least, it’s meant to be… Don’t worry we’re not grinches, it’s just that over here at Quean Clean, we know that the best things about Christmas come hand in hand with something not so fun – mess. So, to make your life a bit easier we thought we’d give you a bit of a hand with some tips on how to clean up Christmas messes.

Always Be Prepared

The Scouts are certainly right about this one! If you’re prepared for the upcoming mess, your cleanup is going to be much easier. No, we’re not talking about psyching yourself up to tackle it all… although, that can’t hurt. We are talking about having your surfaces ready for those inevitable spills and scuffs.

Our specialised products restore the natural lustre of your surfaces and they’ve also been designed to protect them. When used correctly, they form a protective coating that is resistant to finger marks and dirt. This is a great tip for how to clean, as you’re setting yourself up for less work! Who doesn’t want that, especially at Christmas?

How To Use These Products

As we said above, our products will protect your surfaces, but only when used correctly, so let’s recap how they should be used. We’ll focus on the Quean Clean Quartz Treatment.

First things first, you need to make sure that you have a nice, clean surface. The best way to make sure of this is by using the Quean Clean Worktop Cleaner. This multipurpose cleaner doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and bleach, meaning that it is safe to use on luxury worktops such as quartz, marble or granite. It even kills 99.9% of bacteria and cold and flu viruses, which means you can help to keep your family safe and healthy!

Once your surface has been cleaned, it’s time to apply the polish, do so in circular motions ensuring the polish fills all dry spots and continue to polish until you’re happy with your results (wipe off any excess with a clean microfibre cloth), finally, buff out any lines or streaks. Voilà – a shining, protected surface! 

As satisfied customer Jackie said, it’s ‘just the best’! Head over to the product page to read more reviews.

Our Quartz Maintenance Kits include all of the items that you will need, plus, if you purchase them together we’ll pop in some FREE microfibre cloths too.

How To Clean If You Aren’t Prepared

Whilst we truly believe that prevention is so much better than having to fix the problem later, we know that sometimes people are just not prepared. So, let’s have a look at how to clean up some of those classic Christmas messes.

Christmas Dinner Grease

Hard to avoid and definitely worth it for all the delicious food! This will come off in no time with our worktop cleaner. Simply spray and wipe. If you’re dealing with dried-on food that is hard to shift, leave it for just a minute or two to absorb before wiping.

Mulled Wine Stains

Disaster! After a few glasses of mulled wine, coaster etiquette has gone out the window. This kind of mark will come off with our worktop cleaner if you notice it quickly enough, but if not, you may need to turn to our Powder Pro Multi Surface Cleaning Powder & Stain Remover. Find the full directions for use on the product page.

Sticky Fingerprints

When thinking about how to clean up Christmas mess, you’ve always got to consider what the kids will be up to. Why is it that children find putting their sticky fingers on windows absolutely irresistible? Not to worry, our Quean Clean Gloss & Glass Cleaner will get rid of little fingerprints. It’s also great for all manner of screens from televisions to tablets. 

That’s How To Clean Some Classic Christmas Messes

Now that you’ve got our advice on cleaning up Christmas messes, it’s time to get the products! These, and more, are all available from our online shop.

To read more reviews, visit the individual product pages or check out our YouTube channel, you can also learn more tips and tricks by following us on Pinterest.

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