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Quean Clean Granite Treatment

(14 customer reviews)


Granite Treatment’s advanced formula is ready to use on Granite Worktops and Surfaces. It restores the surfaces natural lustre, leaving a protective coating and is resistant to finger marks and dirt when used regularly as part of your Granite worktop cleaning regime.

  • Seals & Protects
  • Polishes, leaving no streaks or smudges
  • Prevents discolouration
  • Restores natural lustre
  • Excellent on Granite worktops, countertops & more
  • 750ml
  • Recyclable plastic bottle
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A Granite worktop is considered one of the most luxurious additions to your Kitchen. If you have one, you’ll know the skill that went into cutting and installing it exactly to complement your space. It can however be prone to staining. This shouldn’t be a problem though if you maintain your expensive Granite in the right way. So using the correct granite worktop cleaner and understanding how to clean and care for Granite safely is very important.

We’ve put together some tips for keeping your Granite worktop and other surfaces clean:

  • Avoid accumulation of crumbs, dust and food residues on the surface.
  • Clean up spills immediately with a soft, wet microfibre cloth like these and then use a second dry microfibre cloth to dry and buff the Granite.
  • For dried-in stains use a purpose-made cleaner such as Powder Pro Deep Clean & Stain Remover.
  • Daily cleaning should be carried out with a worktop cleaner that cleans & sanitises, our Worktop Clean is safe to use on all-natural and composite stone surfaces. It won’t damage or dull your Granite natural lustre as other cheaper supermarket surface cleaners can. With the added bonus of it kills 99.9% of bacteria and cold and flu viruses, it’s a must-have to complement our Quartz Treatment.
  • For the best overall results use a Granite Cleaning & Maintenance System – ours includes everything you’ll need for long-lasting care. Granite Worktop Cleaner & Polish, Worktop Clean & Microfibre Cloths.

Follow these basic steps and as result, you’ll keep your Granite worktops in the very best condition for years to come.

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Apply the polish on to the surface applying in a circular motion so the polish fills all dry spots, then continue to polish, wipe off excess polish with a clean microfibre cloth in straight lines. The surface should be left to almost dry for a couple of minutes and then buff out any lines or steaks for a glorious shine. – Repeat Weekly. For best results use Quean Clean Worktop Clean before each polish and daily between polishes.

Full Product Data Sheet can be found here

14 reviews for Quean Clean Granite Treatment

  1. M M. (verified owner)

    As it states, it protects and rejuvenates the surface of our constantly wet bathroom washbasin surfaces

  2. Keith Mason (verified owner)

    Cleans our granite beautifully

  3. Margaret E. (verified owner)

    It polishes the surface very well.

  4. Barbara M. (verified owner)

    I like the product

  5. Parmjit (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Been using it for years. Leaves our kitchen granite looking new.

  6. Jenna Hartley (verified owner)

    I have tried numerous granite cleaners and nothing cleans and polishes like this one! I’m extremely house proud and I recommend these products to anyone, they are an investment in keeping your home looking beautiful!

  7. Tom C. (verified owner)

    Great product and service. Fast delivery.

  8. Marylyn (verified owner)

    This was the cleaner recommended when my worktops were installed and this was a repeat order – I’m happy with the results.

  9. Trevor smith (verified owner)

    Fantastic peoduct

  10. M M. (verified owner)

    No fuss, easy to use, excellent product

  11. Keith Mason (verified owner)

    Makes our granite sparkle

  12. M M. (verified owner)

    Best product on the market

  13. judith atherton (verified owner)

    product is the best don’t use anything else, but the gun on the plastic bottle doesn’t spray and it just drips so gets wasted, never had this happen before previously.

  14. Amanda (verified owner)

    Give a lovely shine!

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