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How to Clean a Granite Worktop

A granite worktop is considered one of the most luxurious additions to any kitchen. If you have one, you’ll appreciate the care and skill that went into cutting and installing it. At Quean clean we are often asked How To Clean A Granite Worktop. Quean Clean To do it justice, it’s important to maintain your work surfaces in the correct way, and that includes understanding how to clean granite safely.
You might think nothing of bleaching and scrubbing a wooden worktop (where germs can exist in the cuts and scratches). This is definitely not a tactic that you should use on your granite. Here are a few tips on keeping your granite worktops clean:

Everyday cleaning

When it comes to keeping worktops bug-free, it’s not simply about wiping down a surface after preparing food. How many of us plonk our briefcases, handbags or the Childrens’ school bags on the kitchen top? Or the shopping bags which have been in the boot of the car? There are plenty of ways in which a worktop can become contaminated with nasty bacteria aside from cooking. That’s why we need to clean worktops every day.
On a daily basis, wiping down with a soft, microfibre cloth and hot, soapy water or a product that has been specifically formulated for granite worktops (such as Quean Clean Worktop Clean) is essential. Once a week treat with Quean Clean Granite Treatment to restore the natural lustre. This will also add a layer of protection to make daily cleaning easier. Do not use bleach or any products which contain an acidic ingredient, like lemon juice or vinegar as this could harm the granite.

How to clean a granite worktop - quean clean
Stubborn Stains

If you’re cleaning your surfaces every day, then there shouldn’t be too much mess to contend with. On the odd occasion that someone else uses the kitchen then here’s how to deal with it.
It can be tricky to spot whether there are any nasty dried-on blobs, so it’s a good idea to run your hands over the stone to identify any spills. Then use a microfibre cloth and Quean Clean Deep Clean Powder to get the worst off. It kills germs and lifts stains like magic.

Water Marks on Granite Around the Sink

This is a common complaint from Granite owners, the best method is to treat it in the same way like a stubborn stain. The Guardian’s cleaning expert, Stephanie Zia says, Quickleen Granite Stain Remover (from granitepolish.co.uk) removes watermarks, soapy scum, limescale and many other stains from granite, marble, Corian, quartz, Silestone surfaces and more. Quickleen is non-toxic but very powerful and versatile. It’s one of my favourites.”

Remember these tips when it comes to wiping down those polished surfaces and your worktops will remain a thing of beauty for many years to come.

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