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The Secrets Of Caring For A Quartz Worktop

Have you got a new quartz worktop? Or are you looking for some tips on how to maintain or restore your existing ones? If so, you’re in the right place! When you were choosing this beautiful material or viewing a kitchen with it readily installed, you were probably told how incredibly easy they were to keep looking their best. However, whilst quartz is easier to maintain than many other materials, is it still susceptible to damage, staining and tarnishing. That is, unless you follow our expert advice!

Caring For A Quartz Worktop

We have put together a simple list of things that you should include in your cleaning regime and other things that you certainly need to avoid.

Spills – Quartz is a non-porous material which makes it much less susceptible to staining than granite and marble. Unfortunately, less susceptible does not mean immune! Whilst foods can be easily cleaned up, you may face more difficulty when it comes to things like red wine or certain oils. If these are not cleaned up quickly you may be stuck with them for years to come! However, even tough, dried-on stains like these can be treated with our Powder Pro (see it in action here) and, when used in conjunction with our Quartz Treatment, a protective barrier will be left that will keep your quartz worktop safe from future spills.

Cutting Boards – Using a cutting board will prevent scratches on your worktops as well as the dulling of your knives. However, if you already have scratched these surfaces, the streak-free shine left by the protective barrier that Quean Clean products create will minimise their appearance.

Mats and Trivets – High temperatures can damage quartz, whether from pots and pans in your kitchen or hair curlers/straighteners in your bathroom. We recommend using mats and/or trivets to protect the surface when dealing with high heat.

Abrasive Pads – Using an abrasive sponge may seem like the best way to get rid of dried-on food or grime, however, this can damage the finish of your quartz surface. Quean Clean’s surface cleaner combined with our microfibre cloths is just as effective but easier (no difficult scrubbing) and risk-free!

Harsh Cleaners – Stains and difficult spills may have you reaching for harsh chemicals like bleach but if you want to keep your quartz worktop looking its best, you should not use these! Quean Clean products contain no bleach or harmful chemical so are safe to use. Remember, many budget ‘multi-purpose’ products actually contain these chemicals, so you may be doing damage without realising it. You can read more about this in this blog.

Deep Cleaning – Lastly, we would advise every month or two to give your worktops a full deep clean. Our Quartz Deep Clean & Stain Remover Maintenance Kit includes everything you need for this, plus, you save money by purchasing the full kit and will qualify for free delivery!

Purchase The Right Products For A Quartz Worktop

Now you know our secrets of caring for quartz worktops, all you need to do is purchase the products that you need! Follow the links throughout this blog or browse our full range here.

Should you need any help, you can call our team on 02476 645971 or fill out this online contact form. You can also hear reviews from satisfied customers on our YouTube channel.

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