Fall Back In Love With Your Kitchen Surfaces This Valentine’s Day!

Quality kitchen surfaces can really give your home the ‘wow factor’ and it’s vitally important for you to care for them appropriately. For this, you need to be using the right products! Our Granite, Quartz and Corian treatments will have you falling in love with your worktops over and over again. Don’t find yourself looking at new kitchen brochures, with our help, you can keep your surfaces looking as beautiful as the first time you laid eyes on them.

Which Kitchen Surfaces Can We Help With?

Our products are designed for specific surfaces because materials come with different properties, so it takes different ingredients to clean and treat them effectively! Let’s have a closer look at what our range includes:

Granite – If you have granite worktops already, you’ll appreciate the hard work that goes into cutting and fitting these kitchen surfaces. Sadly, you may also be familiar with how they can be at risk of staining! The Quean Clean Granite Treatment will seal and protect these worktops and eliminate the risk of staining. Like all of our products, this is not just restricted to use in the kitchen as customer M. M. found – ‘as it states, it protects and rejuvenates the surface of our constantly wet bathroom washbasin surfaces’.

Quartz – If you are the proud owner of quartz worktops, but haven’t been using the correct products, you may be struggling to recover its natural lustre. Like Corian, this is a very strong material, but staining and dulling tend to be a problem. Our Quean Clean Quartz Treatment will restore its sheen and protect it from staining. Unsure that you need a specific treatment just for quartz? Then listen to what Susan B has to say – ‘Much, much better than the granite polish that I had been using on my quartz.’ Using the correct product is so worth it! 

Corian – Corian is a particularly hard-wearing material, however, it is still at risk of scratches and staining. Fortunately, using our Quean Clean Corian Treatment will keep it in fantastic condition! In the words of satisfied customer, Antony, ‘Easy to use with great results’. 

What If Your Surfaces Are Already Damaged?

Unfortunately, some of you reading this may have already stained and/or damaged your quality kitchen surfaces. We know how upsetting that can be! However, as we said, don’t be tempted to pick up that new kitchen catalogue just yet.

It’s not too late for you to restore your kitchen to its former glory, all you need is one of our full Deep Clean and Stain Remover Maintenance Kits! These are available for Granite, Quartz and Corian. Plus, purchasing the full kits rather than individual projects means that you’ll make great savings! 

Ready To Fall Back In Love With Your Kitchen Surfaces? 

So, are you ready to rekindle the love you once had for your kitchen? Then place your order today! You can see our full range in our online shop

Lastly, we feel as though we must include a disclaimer here… Whilst our products may have you falling back in love with your kitchen, they might not have your partner falling in love with you. We, therefore, urge you not to buy our products as a Valentine’s Day gift for someone. Instead, make the purchase and get to work on those kitchen surfaces yourself! 

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