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We’ve Got A Kitchen Surface Cleaner You’ll Fall In Love With

This Valentine’s Day, get ready to fall back in love with your kitchen surfaces. With Quean Clean’s professional-grade kitchen surface cleaner, protect your surfaces, maintain their value and rediscover the allure of a spotless kitchen. Upgrade to Quean Clean, where quality meets care – because your worktops deserve the best!

Which Kitchen Surface Cleaner Is Your Perfect Match?

Our range of products is meticulously designed for specific surfaces, understanding that different materials demand tailored care for effective cleaning and treatment. Here’s a closer look at what our kitchen surface cleaner range includes:

If you have granite worktops, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into these surfaces.
Granite is well-known for losing its lustre when exposed to unsuitable products. Cleaners containing soap can contribute to dullness over time and offer no protective benefits against potential damage. The Quean Clean Granite Treatment seals and protects, eliminating the risk of staining.

Proud owner of quartz worktops? Our Quean Clean Quartz Treatment will be sure to restore your quartz worktops to their former glory. The residue it leaves behind creates a streak-free sheen on the surface, effectively warding off fingerprints and smudges, facilitating easier cleaning the next time around. If you own Quartz worktops, this product is a must-have!

Another great kitchen surface cleaner is our Quean Clean Corian Treatment, which keeps this hard-wearing material in fantastic condition, protecting it from scratches and staining. Our team often gets asked about this material and the best way to keep it clean and looking new is with one of our maintenance kits.

Remember, Quean Clean isn’t just limited to your kitchen surfaces. Many of our products are versatile and perfect for homes with small children and pets, and those with allergies, offering a non-toxic, germ-killing solution. Fall back in love with your home after our products make it safe and welcoming this Valentine’s Day. Shop our full range here and read our reviews here!

Why Are We Your Perfect Match?

Our founder, Stephen Tombs, created Quean Clean to address the difficulty in finding quality products. Our online shop offers a superior selection that you simply won’t find anywhere else!

Our best-selling Powder Pro is 100% biodegradable, ensuring that our commitment to the environment goes hand-in-hand with providing top-notch cleaning solutions.

Our range is not only effective but also safe for your family. All Quean Clean products are food safe and non-toxic!

Protective Coating
One remarkable feature of our products is the protective coating they leave on your surfaces. This ensures a brilliant, streak-free finish, prevents staining and makes future cleaning a breeze!

Positive Reviews
Watch video reviews on our YouTube channel to discover why so many choose Quean Clean for their cleaning needs, whether you need a kitchen surface cleaner or anything else!

Ready To Fall In Love Again?

Quean Clean invites you to fall in love with your worktops again – a Valentine’s Day gift to yourself and your kitchen! Please contact us or call us on 02476 645971 if you have any questions.

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